Fantasy League and other stuff…

Posted: March 16, 2012 in Fantasy League, Formula 1

Hello guys and girls!

I am sure you are all very pumped for the first race of the season. Friday practice sessions were a bit of a let down, because rain masked the true pace of the cars, but I am sure tomorrow we will get a lot of answers to our questions… Unfortunately, I will not be around for the next 3 days; I will go rafting at the beautiful mountains of North-Western Greece. I will still watch the action (of course!) but I will not be posting anything until Tuesday.

HOWEVER: On Tuesday, you should expect a full statistical analysis of the race, in an attempt to analyze the teams raw pace and see where everybody stands. We will also be making some predictions for Sepang (race 2) based on our analysis, and we will have a few other, juicy features lined up. So stay tuned. I am sorry that I will not be posting anything, but I thought it would be more decent to let you know in advance, instead of letting you visit the site over and over again just to disappoint you… 🙂

On the subject of juicy features, one of them will be the results of our awesome Fantasy League. We have had a lot of participants over the last 1 1/2 months (111 to be precise; or, if you prefer, the age that Bilbo Baggins passed the Ring of Power on to Frodo and left Shire for ever)… In the meantime, I’ve promised you a few stats with regards to your selections, and here they are. First, your selections in one table (drum roll please):

2012 Abulafia F1 Fantasy League Participants

And here are the League stats… In total, you have spent 5.402 billion dollars to the stock market, and the average team value is 48,673,423$… 56.58% of your budget went into drivers, whereas you spent 29.75% of the budget on team chassis and 13.67% on the engine. The driver who dominated your heart and was selected the most was, by far, Kimi Raikkonen with 34 selections, followed by Heikki Kovaleinen with 22 and Jenson Button with 19. At the other end of the spectrum, no one selected Charles Pic or Narain Karthikeyan, whereas Sergio Perez (surprisingly!!) and Pastor Maldonado (less so) only received 1 selection each. With regards to teams (chassis), the pick of the lot was McLaren with 29 selections, followed by Lotus (24) and Red Bull (19). At the other end, no one selected Marussia or HRT, whereas Ferrari and Williams (how the mighty have fallen) only got 1 selection… Finally, with regards to engines, Renault (Red Bull) topped the tables with 24 selections, followed by Renault (Lotus) with 18 and Mercedes (Mercedes) with 16. At the other end, no one went for the Cosworth (Marussia), Ferrari (Sauber) only got 2 selections and Cosworth (HRT) managed to convince 3 of you (apparently cash depleted).

And here’s the table to go with the above:

Abulafia F1 Fantasy League - 2012 selections

And with that, I leave you for now. See y’ all back on Tuesday, with lots of updates, analysis and opinions!!

I hope you enjoy the 1st race and take care… 🙂


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