Fantasy League – Round 01 Results and Standings

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Fantasy League, Formula 1
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Hey! Back from rafting, and I am nursing a terrible, terrible cold. I tried to go to work today, but I had to call it a day very early… So, fellow fantasy league companions, the results for the 1st round are in, and they are just as interesting as the race itself. A lot of surprise results, a lot of good points going to unexpected teams / drivers, and it all bodes really well for an exciting and unpredictable season…

With no further ado, many congratulations to TakumaSatoforthewin, who obliterated the competition by scoring 54.27 points, i.e. 6 points more that the next best who was Jeanrien (47.23 points) in 2nd place and Belgian Underground (46.47 points) in 3rd place. 12 people in total managed to score 40+ points and got a very good start to the season. Myself, I ended up 43rd (27.61 points), so it seems that “inside” knowledge of the competition rules and regulations doesn’t always pay off… At the bottom end of the table, we had a few negative results; ozaziz and Hamza who posted their teams after the 1st Friday practice session had begun, received the minimum points scored, i.e. -15.58 points. They will be able to start scoring regularly though, based on their selections, from Round 02 onwards. Enough with the talking, here’s the Standings table (click on it to get a larger version):

Fantasy League Round 01 - Results & Classification

As you can see, I have broken down your scores, so you know how each asset from your team has contributed to your overall score (drivers, chassis, engine). Also, you will notice that the values of each team are no longer the same. The reason is that, after the 1st race, the values of each asset have been changed. I remind you that you are not allowed to make any changes to your teams at this moment. However, after round 04 (Bahrain GP) you will be allowed a limited amount of changes, so it’s generally a good idea to keep an eye on how the values change and how to plan your strategy. Here are the new values after Round 01:

The Stock Market - After Round 01

Finally, I thought it would be interesting to post how each driver, team and engine scored, analytically. In that case, you will be able to identify how the score was distributed across the field, which assets exceeded expectations, and which failed you miserably…:

Drivers Scores - Round 01

Teams Scores - Round 01

Engine Scores - Round 01

So, that’s it for Round 01 of our Fantasy League – see you all in Malaysia, Sepang. Hopefully today I will also be posting later on the analysis of the Melbourne race, or tomorrow the latest.

Take care πŸ™‚

  1. Hamza says:

    Cool. This is going to be fun. Thanks for all your hard work.

  2. Chris says:

    Fantastic, thanks for updating. Shame I’m doing so rubbish.
    Couple of quick questions, I don’t remember seeing minus points for being lapped, was it in the original scoring?
    For the Engine’s, how did Lotus get 1.5 and Sauber 2.5? I make it 1 and 2 respectively.

    • abu says:

      Aye, aye Chris, you are correct about the Sauber / Lotus points. That’s the problem with doing everything manually whilst running a fever! I’ve changed it and it looks almost exactly the same in terms of classification – I will change the tables at 1st opportunity. Thanks mate. For next round I am completing a system that will calculate everything automatically, so we shouldn’t have any more problems of the sort… πŸ™‚

  3. Belgian Underground says:

    I gotta tell ya, seeing the Mercedes falter in Australia broke my heart much more than would be normal, if only because it was hurting my fantasy team! Thanks for putting this whole thing together, Abu! I think this will be the season that I enjoy the most.

  4. jeanrien says:

    It seems we have two belgian on the podium for now (except if Belgian is actually not belgian …)

    That’s quite exciting and I believe the main difference will be in our secondary choices with the left money, I didn’t expect so severe losses of point (Indeed lots of cars pull out)

    @Abu, I already discover your devilish technique, hide in a mix at the beginning then strike from there not to be too suspicious at first ^^

    Maybe it’s complicated to putt the following idea on but concerning the pool of money, I though the left over from our pick would still be available. I think some guys only spent 40-45 M$, would be nice for them if they could use those 5 – 10M$ when they want to change their line up. (But as I said I don’t know if it’s already on or if it’s possible at all)

    Once again, congrats for all this
    (are you using visual basic in excel for the calculation ?)

    • abu says:

      Oh, you are from Belgium… Excellent! I’ve been to Brussels once (in 1998, for the European Youth Conference), and I’ve also been to Bruges (and adored it). Lucky guy, will you be going to Spa this year…?

      Nah, I am not using VB, just a regular Excel sheet which has become way too complicated for its own good… Too many vlookups and stuff… As for your suggestion… I thought about it, but I think it’s part of the strategy. Obviously some people will choose a cheaper team, in the hope that it will gain value in the future. For example, Grosjean when we started the league was very cheap, but it appears that his value will sky-rocket… I don’t want to give these players an extra 5-10m$. Basically, you will get what you spend and nothing more! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    • Belgian Underground says:

      My dad is from Belgium and I was born in Hasselt, but I currently live in the USA. We used to visit Zolder when I was a kid, and I make it back every few years to visit family in Flanders. We can safely say that there are 1.5 Belgians on the podium.

  5. Simon Oram says:

    Great stuff Abu, really put a smile on my face to see me in 4th place! I just hope that FI manage to improve from here on in!

  6. Lamp says:

    How I’m 6th is beyond me, especialy given HRT’s performance (or lack of). Though it could have been worse, they could have lost me points.

    Anyway it’s all downhill from here XD

  7. fatboy72 says:

    23rd – will take that for the first round! Long way to go yet and great job Abu :):)

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