Fantasy League – Round 02 Results and Standings

Posted: March 25, 2012 in Fantasy League, Formula 1
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Results for Round 02 are in… Francuis won this round, and this helped him move up to 9th overall after 2 rounds. Michael Filetti came 2nd this round, and is now leading the overall standings, by a healthy margin of 12 points – many congratulations!! Finally, M.Saar came 3rd which also helped him climb up to 8th in the standings. Last round’s winner, TakumaSatoforthewin could only manage 70th place this time round, which dropped him back to 7th. In the overall standings, apart from Michael who is leading the table, Raifosa is now up to 2nd and domino 3rd. This looks like it’s going to be a very, very tight championship indeed. Here are the results of the 2nd round:

Round 02 Classification

And here are the overall standings:

Fantasy League - Standings

These are the points that each asset scored this round:

Drivers Scores

Teams Scores

Engines Scores

Finally, here are the new, updated values for the assets:

The Stock Market after Round 02


  1. fatboy72 says:

    Shocking round – dropped 50 places!!!

  2. Chris Booth says:

    Great round 8th place in the round and a big climb to 30th

  3. ahw3ll says:

    My usual routine of supporting a driver, only for them to magically have all their luck evaporate seems to be happening again… It’s like Fisichella all over again!

    Pull it together Jenson and Romain!

  4. jeanrien says:

    So you are the poised guy ^^
    But we have to reckon that the race was very inpredicable, so much happened for the best of show (Since I’ve read about hidden orders to Perez, that bothers me and spoil the party. And the race would have been even better if Perez got the beter of Alonso, he deserved it but that’s the race …)
    Wow the evolution is so quick, but the margins aren’t that big and as the drivers performing well were different it’s normal to see those big jumps in the standing.

    Very intertaining …

  5. Michael Filletti says:

    Fantastic round! Thanks to Fernando and Sauber 🙂

  6. jeanrien says:

    Has been quite for a while … but round 3 is coming

  7. fatboy72 says:

    Any update after China? Hoping I have done better than the previous round!!

  8. Gordon Stewart says:

    where are you?

  9. mozart06 says:

    Abu, say something!

  10. juniperus says:

    Oh – it looks like this blog is death…

    What a bummer! 😦

  11. Michael Filletti says:

    Where are you man :O

  12. Avais Ibrahim says:

    Where are you ? Seriously ? Is everything alright ?

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