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Posted: March 16, 2012 in 2012, Formula 1, Races and Results
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The 2 Friday sessions ended with Jenson Button topping the 1st one and Michael Schumacher the 2nd. Although the first one largely took place in dry conditions, the 2nd practice sessions was wet / damp for the majority of the time. Button set a fastest lap time of 01:27.560 in the first session, which was about 8 tenths slower than the fastest lap time set during the 1st Friday practice session of 2011 (01:26.831 by Mark Webber). Michael’s fastest lap time (in a drying track and on medium tyres) in the 2nd session was 01:29.183, i.e. 3.3 seconds slower than the fastest lap time of the 2011 2nd Friday session (01:25.854 by Jenson Button). Friday running times are notorious difficult to read, and it’s easy to understand that no meaningful conclusions can be drawn. Brundle has said that Mercedes looked mighty fast in the 2nd session, but as you can see from our comparison with the 2011 times, it’s way too early to get excited – the times will tumble a lot during the weekend, although the first indications are that the 2012 cars are slower than the 2011 cars. We will wait to see if this trend continues in Free Practice 3 and qualifying.

We remind you that the best lap time during the 2011 Saturday free practice was 01:24.507 (by Sebastian Vettel), whereas pole was 01:23.529 (by Sebastian Vettel again). We therefore expect the laptime to slowly tumble towards low 24s or even high 23s.

  1. jeanrien says:

    Has been great to at least see some cars running, have been waiting for a while. But during a “normal” free practice it’s already difficult to establish the hierarchy, so with those drying condition almost impossible (even if for me the first practice is a bit more representative than the second)

    If the conditions are dry for quali, I expect them to be around the high 1:23, they lost the blown diffuser but gained time on the rest of the package, don’t think they are more than a half second slower than last year. (but that’s just an impression from me)

  2. Steel21 says:

    In your humble opinion who would you guess the podium positions will be filled by?
    I fancy button, vettel, hamilton in that order although i am tempted to put schuey up in the mix…interested to hear yours (and anyones) predictions based on what we have seen so far

    • abu says:

      Very, very hard to tell. Mercedes were fast and weren’t even running their DRS-activated f-duct solution, so they could be in the mix. McLaren look storng, Red Bull not so, but it’s only Friday. Massa was a long way behind Alonso who was clearly driving the car above its limits. We’ll see… For quali, I see both Mercs in the top 6 and both McLarens in the top 4, but anything more than that is risky. If I were a betting man, I’d be betting on a Rosberg pole now. But I’m not.

      • mozart06 says:

        Abu, Rosberg Pole and Winner MSC, and we stay friends πŸ˜‰

        RB brought another different exhaust solution (now the third). Maybe (or hopefully) they struggeling a little…

        But the most important: Since this weekend life has meaning again!!!

      • abu says:

        LOL… Deal! πŸ™‚

  3. jeanrien says:

    I’m playing at prediction champ on F1fanatic for those who know, and I picked Button, Hamilton and Rosberg for the podium.
    McLaren seem so confident, not showing too much and yet beeing quick (they are among the few ones not bringing any new parts … sign of over confidence ? Or nothing new yet ?). And Mercedes seem at ease on track. And I would love to see Vettel not having the supreme car to see what it can do in the mix (could be interesting for the show ^^)
    After the free test we can see the battle in that ferrari, I think it’s an achievement if they can stay on track the entire race …

    Lol abu very carefull here. We know that we can’t say anything yet as no time as been set in the best conditions (as we suspect to have dry quali, we have no bench mark yet) so it’s just pure guess but it’s fun to see the opinion of everyone.

    • abu says:

      I don’t know… Today when Hulkenberg was interviewed by Brundle, he said that Mercedes are like a “bullet”… I am hopeful… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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