Fantasy league and Barcelona testing…

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Formula 1, Pre-season tests
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Ok, now that testing is over and done with, for those who are interested we have set up a (quite cerebral) fantasy league, that requires hard thinking and committment… You can find it here, and make your selections (or you can click on the link next to the “About” button to access all posts regarding the Fantasy League) – thanks to everybody who has participated so far!

On the subject of testing, probably tomorrow, I will be posting something very special for you guys. I will be making the ultimate comparison, between all the days of Barcelona testing, for all the teams, in order to try and make a more educated guess of where everybody stands at…. Stay tuned for that, it will be mega… 😉

  1. Avais says:

    Thoroughly enjoy your work. Keep it up 🙂

  2. ABAD says:

    Hi mate!

    I´ve just discover you blog. Top quality in all your entries, i´m impressed of the huge amount of job you´re doing and the wise way you read the information.

    Send you my congratulations from Spain, keep going and thank you!

    • abu says:

      Cheers my friend… Glad you like it, and greeting to beautiful Spain. My g/f is simply in love with your country, and are planning a trip to Barcelona as soon as possible… 😉

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