Translation of pre-season testing “quotes”

Posted: February 23, 2012 in Formula 1, Pre-season tests
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No explanations required…

  • “We don’t know what fuel loads others are running” – We do know, down to the liter, and we are quite worried
  • “There is room for improvement” – I don’t see us making Q2 this season
  • “I feel comfortable in the car” – I am not afraid it’s going to kill me
  • “The car gives me a good feeling” – Those engine vibrations tingle me down there
  • “We have some work to do to ride kerbs better” – I lost two fillings and bit off a chunk off my tongue
  • “McLaren look strong” – But we are stronger
  • “It’s a long season ahead” – Which we will be starting from the 7th row of the grid
  • “The engineers have worked really hard over the winter” – And that was the best they could come up with…
  • “We are focusing on data collection” – Because we cannot focus on performance
  • “We had a minor overheating issue” – We are shipping in an extra supply of power drills
  • “Lap times mean nothing at this stage” – Poker face, poker face, poker face…
  • “We will finalize our aero package in Melbourne” – And start working on the 2013 car immediately after
  • “We may not be the fastest, but we are not the slowest either” -This is “ree-dee-koo-loos



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