Autosport show – Lancia Stratos

Posted: January 15, 2012 in Various

I was delighted when my good friend sent me the following picture of a Lancia Stratos HF, which is my favourite rally car of all times. In fact, come to think of it, my second and third favourite rally cars were Lancias as well… The Lancia Delta Integrale HF and, of course, the Lancia 037… However, this picture brought back my anger for Ferrari for blocking the production of the new Stratos. It was disappointing to see Ferrari take such a narrow-minded approach, when they could have instead agreed on the project and help the image and status of the struggling Lancia company. I don’t see why Ferrari would feel threatened by a new Stratos, since the car was scheduled to go on a limited production of 25 cars, unless they had other misgivings about the project. Who knows, maybe on day Lancia will return to the UK

More to come from my friend later…

Lancia Stratos HF @ Autosport

  1. Talisman says:

    Abu, if you’re easily offended please don’t read further….

    Lancias are actually officially imported into the UK already, but they’re rebadged as Chryslers. We already have the Chrysler Delta and we’re getting the Epsilon too. The only modifications AFAIK for the UK are the badges and RHD. Thats it….

    • abu says:

      Lol… You’ll have to try harder than that to offend me!

      Didn’t know you were getting Chrysler Deltas over there… That’s…. wrong. It’s just wrong.

      Anyhoo, not that Lancia’s producing any model worth importing at the moment… 😉

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